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Test Execution

Conduct Accurate & Seamless End-to-End Testing

It’s the details that matter.

At mobileFRONTIERS, it’s our job to help you anticipate obstacles and apply best practices to every test execution project by asking the critical questions up front:

  • Do you know what you are specifically testing for?
  • Do you know the issues that tripped up other companies trying to implement the same technologies?
  • Do all of your pieces connect?
  • What happens when you have a failure?
  • How quickly can you identify which vendor failed?
  • How do you coordinate your vendors to solve the problem quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal impacts to the other suppliers in your ecosystem?

In addition to developing lab systems, We have experienced staff ready to quickly step in as critical staff augmentation.

We can offer Lab-as-a-Service options for companies looking to validate solutions, analyze proof of concepts or test various scenarios under different conditions—without committing to large amounts of resources.

Furthermore, we can provide directed support to ensure that your current vendors are compiling to current contracts, as well as ensure that your various deliverables interface and connect as contracted and expected.


  • Extensive familiarity with radio/core test equipment and industry standard test methodology
  • Support for interoperability, parametric and performance testing
  • Ability to identify root cause issues, develop and manage corrective actions, as well as implement and validate solutions and patches
  • Lab-as-a-Service options
  • Expertise with developing repeatable and reliable test and certification plans for all parts of the system

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